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From the group that combats the Wikia skin, the Anti-Wikia alliance.
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wiki Information
url: and
type of move: Fork
date left wikia: November 2010
number of articles before move: {{{articles}}}
number of active users before move: {{{users}}}
new host: Independent

Wikisimpsons is an encyclopedic wiki about The Simpsons.

The wiki left Wikia in November after the New Wikia Look was implemented.


When Wikia announced the new skin, Solar Dragon instantly started discussions about a possible move. Half way through this discussion, Sarah Manley decided it was time to close the discussion and removed all links from the Sitenotice about it.

Solar Dragon and TheHomer tried reverting the Sitenotice several times. All this did was result in TheHomer losing his admin powers which were given back to him by the only unblocked bureaucrat, as Solar Dragon had been blocked. They were later removed again before being given back to him again.

Solar Dragon later had his bureaucrat and admin rights removed after sannse decided that he couldn't be trusted.

Two admins, Kingcjc and Effluvium, decided to stay behind on Wikia, opening up a rival to ShoutWiki's new wiki - something neither admin wanted.

The wiki is no longer on ShoutWiki and has since moved to its own domain.

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