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Hi. My name is Blubabluba9990. I am from FANDOM, and I also have an account on Miraheze and on Wikipedia.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I first created my FANDOM account on April 20, 2019, but wasn’t very active. I later stumbled across ScumBob Wiki and Anti-ScumBob Wiki, which I became more active on. I eventually gained user rights there, and created a lot of pages on both wikis. However, my downfall began on June 8, 2020, when a user named Golfpecks256 decided to add all episodes to both wikis even if they weren’t infamous/famous. This angered several users, including me. Though I did originally take his side, he removed my admin rights on both wikis for no reason, which made me turn against him. Long story short, a civil war happened and I got blocked on both wikis. I later moved to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, where things got even worse. I was harassed by several users there, and was accused of causing drama. I ended up blocked there too. I then started to focus on my wiki, The ScumHouse Wiki, a wiki for discussing bad episodes and characters from the TV show The Loud House. However, people called this a rip-off of ScumBob Wiki, even though it was an inspiration and not a rip-off. Later, several users began vandalizing the wiki, including one user with bureaucrat rights who I thought was my friend but betrayed me. I tried contacting staff, but with no help whatsoever, which is why I began to distrust FANDOM. The wiki ended up getting closed. I then snapped and went insane and ended up globally blocked. I then went to Miraheze, and things started getting better. I have dubbed this series of events “Blubagate”. I have since begun to sympathize with Miraheze and the Anti-Wikia Alliance, though I do worry that the AWA may be dying. I probably will not be staying here on ShoutWiki though.

Why I hate FANDOM[edit | edit source]

  1. The new UCP update is horrible, as it impairs the editor and removes Chat, Forums, WikiActivity, and other things beloved by the userbase, among other things
  2. Whether it be the Monaco vs. Oasis controversy, the vs. controversy, or the Legacy vs. UCP controversy, one thing is for certain: FANDOM cares more about money than their community. I moved to Miraheze for that exact reason, because Miraheze is non-commercial and not-for-profit.
  3. FANDOM staff take forever to respond and are not very helpful. I tried to report that vandals were vandalizing my wiki, and they had bureaucrat powers (it’s a long story). Absolutely no help from staff whatsoever, and the wiki ended up being closed. They also constantly bombard users with the same reply: “Fill out a contact form”.
  4. FANDOM seems to hate any form of criticism, whether good or bad, which is why the Reception Wikis moved to Miraheze.
  5. The Community Central wiki is filled with FANDOM supremacists.
    • What is very interesting is that FANDOM staff actually recognizes the Anti-Wikia Alliance and has not, at least not to my knowledge, ever acted against the Anti-Wikia Alliance.
  6. Since I joined in 2019, I never got to see what FANDOM looked like with the Monaco skin. Since ShoutWiki uses it now, I must say it looks pretty darn cool and I can see why many users would miss it.
  7. Not only does FANDOM staff not listen to criticism, they also don’t give users a say in anything. The ToU even says, and I quote, “ The Company may terminate your account, delete your profile and any content or information that you have posted on the Services and/or prohibit you from using or accessing the Services for any reason, or no reason, at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice.” There was actually once a case in which a staff member was accused of power abuse, and the above quote was mentioned as a justification.
  8. FANDOM staff are extremely secretive. Whenever a user is globally blocked, they refuse to reveal any information about why they were globally blocked or even the length of the global block. They also removed the real name, gender, location, occupation, birthdate, and favorite wikis section on user mastheads, as even more proof of their obsession with privacy.
  9. FANDOM staff outright admitted to manipulating Google search results to further traffic to their website.
  10. FANDOM staff are hypocritical too. They close down wikis that they visit beforehand and deem do not warrant closure, they act like they only intervene with ToU violations but other times they have been known to de-sysop users, which has a whole page here. And all this after they claim to have “a free and open wiki hosting environment”
  11. They seem to think that messaging users counts as harassment.
  12. Recently I have noticed that FANDOM has been disabling accounts for no apparent reason, as they did not close their account because closing an account there takes 30 days. I also found no proof of any of those users admitting to being underage.
  13. They are extremely left-wing biased. They claim that wiki founders do not own their wikis, and seem to treat female users better than male users, which is probably why Peachy4872 got away scot-free despite all of the harassment she commited.
  14. Because FANDOM is a company, there are a ton of ads all over the place which completely restrict viewing. Every time I open a page when I am not logged in, I get annoying pop-ups everywhere. Also, these ads can sometimes be inappropriate, and just completely out of context for the page you are viewing. Also, sometimes the pop ups have this fake x button, which is SO annoying.
  15. FANDOM sells merchandise. Yup you heard that right. They have an editor of the month contest or something, and winners get a hoodie or something idk.
  16. FANDOM isn’t even community-oriented, at least not anymore. The main page is just a bunch of pop culture news.
  17. A lot of bad wikis, including Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (2019-present).
  18. The new FandomDesktop skin is not very good, as the content is even more squished than before.
  19. FANDOM caused my downfall, which I discussed above.

Why I hate Encyclopedia SpongeBobia[edit | edit source]

  1. Loads and loads of drama.
  2. The Deletion Requests are a war zone. Users constantly vote keep for dumb reasons like it being a meme, or sometimes for literally no reason at all. On a deletion request for House, a user named WoofWoofGam3r blackmailed another user into voting keep. I kid you not: Here is the quote: “Woof promised me a Mars Bar and if he doesn't give it to me soon I'm changing my vote back.” And if you take a look at the entire page you will see just how ridiculous the whole situation is, as users were voting keep for some delusional reason stuck inside their head.
  3. Extreme gender bias. An example is with Peachy4872, a notorious con artist who would play the victim card right after harassing and insulting me and some of my friends and got away scot-free. She called Nathan Pirate “a loser with no friends”. Thankfully, she retired in December and disabled her account.
  4. Poor administration, who are either inactive or just as out of touch with reality as everyone else on the wiki, though there are a few competent admins.
  5. The users are hypocrites, as they accused me of being a tyrant yet they voted to make rules in comments sections extremely strict.
  6. The community is beyond toxic and almost nobody is friendly there. They spout nonsense and memes and the admins seem to think it is completely fine.
  7. A lot of poorly written minor pages that as mentioned above, the community wants kept for some reason.

Encyclopedia SpongeBobia used to be good until it went downhill in August 2019.

Alliegances[edit | edit source]

  • FANDOM (April 10, 2019–October 6, 2020)
    • Wikitubia and SML Wiki (April 10, 2019–January 12, 2020)
    • ScumBob Wiki and Anti-ScumBob Wiki (January 12, 2020–July 28, 2020)
    • Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (March 27, 2020–September 5, 2020)
    • Speedy Grandma Wiki (July 2020–October 2, 2020 (FANDOM version); March 5, 2021–present (Miraheze version))
    • TheScumHouse Wiki (February 28, 2020–September 22, 2020 (as TheScumHouse Wiki); February 2, 2021–November 2021 (as The Fowl House Wiki))
    • TheAntiScumHouse Wiki (April 2, 2020–November 2021 (as TheAntiScumHouse Wiki); December 27, 2020–November 2021 (as The Wow House Wiki))
  • Miraheze (October 6, 2020–present)
    • Miraheze Reception Wikis/Qualitipedia (October 6, 2020–present)
  • Anti-Wikia Alliance (February 15, 2021–present)
  • Wikipedia (October 27, 2020–present)