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From the group that combats the Wikia skin, the Anti-Wikia alliance.

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Do you miss the Monaco skin?
All ShoutWiki wikis can now have the Monaco skin, see this announcement. You can also add the Monaco skin to your wiki in 10 minutes (Detailed instructions) (Discussion and questions)

Because of the wikia skin, several administrators and bureaucrats on several wikias have been stripped of their leadership positions. Several editors have also been banned. Below is an incomplete list of these cases.

If you would like to add a case, you must add a link to this situation. This is to avoid inaccurate reports. Incidents without a link will be removed. If you don't have a link, post your indecent on the talk page.









Editors banned Pages deleted Pages reverted
This is an extremely incomplete list, listing only a fraction of the incidents.

Leadership privileges stripped[edit]

How to examine User rights logs:
Type in Special:Logs on any wikia. In the All public logs drop down box, select "user rights logs".
10 admins lost their adminship.[1], forum
Admin losing admin rights by staff.[2] (restored later)
Admin on Oct 25 losing admin rights by staff.[3]
Grand Theft Auto Wiki
At least 4 admins lose their rights by staff, description says there was some "mass deletions" in a couple of cases. [4] [5]
Admin rights of 5 editors taken away then restored the next day by staff due to ongoing issues on this wiki.[6]
Talisman Wiki
Admin rights of 2 editors taken away by Sannse, "acting to damage the wiki".[7]
Nine admins desysoped by wikia staff member DaNASCAT: Old Admin team has left; clearing way for new team. [8] and giving bureaucrat and sysop rights the next day to one user who was never sysop just for volunteering.
Donkey Kong Wiki
User:HavocReaper48 had his bureaucrat, sysop and rollback rights removed by Sannse due to ongoing issues on this wiki [9]
Dead Rising Wiki
The administrator team's rights were removed to "make way for the new admin team" after moving off wikia. [10]
Pikmin Fanon Wiki
5 sysop (2 of them bureaucrats) had their rights removed. Wiki team has left; clearing way for new team [11]
All original sysops and bureaucrats had their rights removed, and given to a new one. Reason: "wiki adoption".[12]
not included in tally
Gaters Wiki
Only admin, moved to shoutwiki, deleted pages (as had been done on 7 other wikis, also requested it to be deleted, "they" restored the pages and removed my adminship and deleted other wikis) Admin had a notice up, "they" removed it, Editor vandalized, "they" banned him.[13] and redirected the entire wiki to the Stargate wikia. "they" = staff?
SpongeBob Fanon Wiki
All bureaucrats were demoted by Sannse. [14]
Lost Media Wiki
Bureaucrat demoted by BertH[15], later reinstated, revoked once again after the standalone wiki was opened.
All bureaucrats were demoted by Sannse. [16]

Editors blocked[edit]

User:Anno1404 indefinitely blocked by staff member Sannse for "disruptive behavior", Anno1404 messaged around 15 wikis:
..."Hello, someone on this wikia wrote on the Anti Wikia Skin Alliance Moving page, that your wikia is moving. Please remove your wikia's name or add your wikia to the Moved Wiki page."
...On less than 6 wikias Anno1404 posted something similar to this:
..."For those who miss Monaco, Monaco is available for wikis on shoutwiki, click through on the below link. Thank you."
...More details: [19] Full screenshot of block: [20]
User:Karate Jesus indefinitely blocked at PvX by staff member Sannse for disruption.[21] This was later reverted with an apology.[22] User was then later site wide blocked by Sannse. Users at PvX are protesting the decision.[23]
User:TurtleShroom indefinitely blocked on community central by staff member Sannse.[24]
User:Wynthyst and User:Balistic Pve on talismanonline blocked for one year by staff member Sannse for "vandalism".[25][26]
User:Solar Dragon, blocked for a year globally for "Spamming links to external sites", also for his vandalism.
Two other Simpsons Wiki editors blocked for three months by User:Peteparker: "Spamming links to external sites".[27] (only User:Solar Dragon including in tally)
User:Apolomi blocked on WoWWiki by WoWWiki's sole remaining (Wikia-appointed) admin for informing other people about site move, "Spamming links to external sites"[28][29]
User:Gallahan blocked on the grounds of trolling for attempting to propose a community vote to shut down WoWWiki.
User:Rsmall1413, User:Westlandian, User:Secundomia, User:Pmrcalaby and User:Austenasia blocked indefinitely by User:Charitwo for "Spamming links to external sites" [30].
User:Attackofthecatpeople69, globally banned by VSTF member "Jr Mime" for 4 months even though attempt to move UnAnything to ShoutWiki had been abandoned

Reverting banners and protecting pages[edit]

Since wikia keeps the content and will not close down a site, editors will often add external links directing editors to new sites. These are reverted by the staff.
"we are leaving here is the new url address" reverted posting by staff member Sarah Manley.[31]
Sitenotice removed by staff.[32]
news feed indefinitely protected by wikia staff.[33]
Staff reverted main page link. "Reverting; community may continue here without being forced elsewhere."[34]
VSTF blanking a template linking to the new site [35].
Link to new removed by Sarah Manley in notice on the main page.[36]
So called jerk-off Wikia staff DaNascat removes the moving notice.
Staff constantly removing the sitenotice. Also removing it when it has no link to external sites, just a link to a vote.
Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
Wikia Helper Merrystar removes link to the new wiki.
-Forum thread regarding the site location locked by a Wikia staffer to prevent further bumping.[37]
-Removal of some advice and a link to Wowpedia on a user's talk page was undone twice: once by a Wikia staffer and the second time by WoWWiki's Wikia-appointed remaining admin.[38][39]
-Their paid hired admin by Wikia of WowWiki created a forum page (deleted) announcing a new policy to "Permanent ban" users that advertise other sites, especially Wowpedia, on user talk pages. It have been replaced by a proposal after a forum complaining about a new policy being created (to forbid mentions to wowpedia) without the proper consensus. Apparently, the original now-deleted thread was a direct order from Wikia on how they think the site should be run.[40]
-Both admins are now stifling any reasonable attempt at discussion or mentions of Wowpedia, labeling it "trolling" and reverting it.[41]
Reverted information about leaving Wikia: [42] [43]
Donkey Kong Wikia
Many reverts, a toning down, and moving to "news" template on Main Page regarding the move notice - See full history
Beepedia (finnish)
Sarah Manley reverting [44] [45] a notice on the main page, even when the editor explained to Sarah that the notice "does not even recommend anyone not to edit this wiki" [46].
D20 NPCs
Brandon Rhea deleted and Jenburton modified it. Both times, changing it back to the way it was was not re-reverted.
SpongeBob Fanon Wiki
Sannse reverted a JavaScript code redirecting the wiki to (per a fork compromise) and globally blocked the admin who originally posted said code for a month. [47]
Lost Media Wiki
Banner removed from main page. Message from Staff [48] we would have allowed notice about the move to stay up for one month to let people know what was happening, but that has to be earned.
Club Penguin Wiki (Portuguese)
Link to the self-hosted wiki removed by Wikia staff member Macherie ana.

Pre-Wikia skin attacks[edit]

Not included in the tally.
  •, September 2008, BillK and Sannse desysopped 5 editors "has moved to tfwiki".[49][50]
  •, On September 29, 2009, Angela desysopped founder User:Sysrq868 "user has left and is now vandalising"[51][52]
  •, July 2010, community decides to go to shoutwiki. Administrator desysopped. [53][54][55]

Community discussions[edit]

Staff argument with Simpson editors.[56]

Deleting articles and images[edit]

  • Staff member Sannse deleted the Forum:Anti-wikia Alliance pages,[57] she continues to delete recreated redirects to this site.[58]
  • Staff member Sannse deleted the forum question created by Anno1404 similar to the conversation here which mentions that shoutwiki has Monaco, reason "off topic".[59]
  • Staff member Sannse deleted this Anti-wikia Alliance logo Replacing it with this image: [60]
  • Spanish wiki Inciclopedia (part of uncyclopedia family) used a template to replace interlanguage links with uncyclopedia, which forked from Wikia, that pointed to the forked wiki. The template was deleted by a Spanish staff, who alleged Terms of Use violation. [61]


  • Wikia staff have removed the ability to e-mail users on Uncyclopedia, citing abuse of the email system to encourage editors to join
    • This has been extended to all wikia wikis.
  • Staff restores the background image of the site and say to the user As the creator of the image, you are free to send in a takedown request under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to be able to delete his *own* image.

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