Failed forks

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This is a list of wikis that were forked from Wikia but failed due to lack of activity, not enough users getting on board, etc.

  • Dragon Ball Encyclopedia
  • Apple Wiki
  • Simpsons Fanon
  • French Stargate Wiki
  • Kaktopedia
  • GMU Wiki
  • Jake and Amir Wiki
  • Krakow Wiki
  • Brickpost
  • Virtualopedia
  • Dutch Harry Potter Wiki
  • Might and Magic Wiki
  • UnAnything Wiki
  • Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
  • Politic Wiki
  • MyDream Wiki
  • ShiningWiki
  • Elements Game Wiki
  • WikiAppunti
  • Spam Wiki
  • SuperMarioLogan Wiki
  • One Piece Wiki
  • Drunken Peasants Wiki
  • Mature SpongeBob Fanon Wiki
  • TeamOmniverse Wiki

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