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This is a list of Wikias that have been deleted by Staff without admin consent.


  • All 'answers' wikis were closed by the end of April 2019.



  • Bad Creepypasta Wiki - Closed due to bad moderation and for similar reasons to Trollpasta Wiki.
  • Battle for Dream Island Wiki - Closed for hosting "low-quality" content and spam.


  • Crappy Games Wiki - Closed during the late Summer of 2018 due to Wikia rebranding to FANDOM and not wanting sites that host primarily negative content anymore.
  • Crappypasta Wiki - Closed for similar reasons to Trollpasta Wiki.
  • Creation Wiki
  • Commupedia
  • Countryhumans Wiki
  • Company Polandball Wiki
  • Castor Wiki


  • Damsel in Distress Wiki
  • Darthipedia
  • Doctor Who General Wiki
  • Dozerfleet Database, since relocated to Miraheze. Closed on FANDOM in 2021 due to a FANDOM staff member instigating a personal feud with the admin of that wiki when the admin refused to adopt a policy that allowed transgender-identifying users (who didn't even exist on the wiki!) special privileges, and to belittle other users without consequence. Disputes between the two over that insane policy demand heated up when the admin was discovered to have liked a YouTube video from The Quartering, and came to a head when FANDOM, upon spying on the admin, learned that the wiki was being secretly forked to Miraheze with the intent of eventually reducing the FANDOM version to a bare bones wiki about the brand itself, but with all project and character data relocated to Miraheze. Retooling and relocating to escape from FANDOM's unreasonable demands to adopt a particular worldview were considered "violations," and were met with retaliatory closure. A feud made even uglier when, even after the closure on FANDOM, staff at FANDOM refused to delete remaining copies of images from the wiki, even after the admin requested them removed, thus resulting in FANDOM's servers stealing SEO from the Miraheze version, just to further spite the admin of the closed FANDOM version of the wiki. This was made even worse, when Redditor trolls making threads to harass the admin were emboldened by FANDOM's actions.





  • Hecknugget Wiki
  • Horrible Music and Songs Wiki - Closed during the late Summer of 2018 due to Wikia rebranding to FANDOM and not wanting sites that host primarily negative content anymore.
  • Horrible TV Show Episodes Wiki - Same as above.



  • Jokepasta Wiki - Closed due to being a clone of Trollpasta Wiki.


  • Kapitan Bomba Wiki
  • Kononopedia



  • Malware Wiki
  • Maoist Wiki
  • Mariah Wiki
  • Memedroid Wiki
  • Memedroid 2 Wiki
  • Memedroidxd Wiki
  • Memedroidx Wiki
  • Memedroidoficial Wiki
  • Microlabel Wiki




  • Polandball Wiki
  • Polandballusers Wiki
  • Polandball Fanon Wiki
  • Pokémon Conquest Wiki
  • Pokémon Trollpasta Wiki - Closed for similar reasons to Trollpasta Wiki and Crappypasta Wiki.




  • Screamer Wiki - Closed due to "descriptions of inappropriate/explict content" even though its goal was to actually warn people of specific screamers and shock sites.
  • Simon Anderson Wiki
  • Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki
  • Speedy Grandma Wiki - Allegedly a source of “cross wiki harassment and power abuse” despite multiple attempts to refute this claim.
  • SpongeBob Edits Wiki
  • Star*Power Wiki


  • Trollpasta Wiki - Closed during the late Summer of 2018 due to Wikia rebranding to FANDOM and not wanting a site with "troll" in the name, even though Trollpasta itself had nothing to do with actual trolling.
  • Terrible TV Shows Wiki - Closed during the late Summer of 2018 due to Wikia rebranding to FANDOM and not wanting sites that host primarily negative content anymore.
  • TheScumHouse Wiki - Closed after several mutiny attempts and for being a wiki that hosted primarily negative content.


  • USA Logos and More Fanon Wiki (redirected to a non-fanon wiki, Logopedia, without permission from the admins)
  • All Wikia-hosted Uncyclopedia projects gone by May 14, 2019.[1] While (a group of independently-hosted Uncyclopedia Babel projects) and (a 2013 fork) are not affected, the fate of multiple Uncyclopedia-related domain names remains before the courts. At stake are inbound links from hundreds of external sites to the affected projects, which took more than a dozen years to build. The content has been moved out of harms way, to the following non-Wikia sites, which no one can find as search engine duplicate content penalties remain a problem long after the Wikia version which caused the penalty is gone:
ISO New URL Former Wikia project
en-gb uncyclopedia (en)
pl nonsensopedia
olb absurdopedia (ru)
ar beidipedia
it nonciclopedia
zh cn.uncyclopedia
cs necyklopedie
de de.uncyclopedia
es inciclopedia
fr desencyclopedie
he eincyclopedia
ast nunyepedia
ca valenciclopedia
el frikipaideia
jv ndhablek
oc oisquipedia
sk necyklopedia
su su.goblogpedia
yi keinziklopedie
la necyclopaedia
nn ikkjepedia
id tolololpedia
eo neciklopedio



  • Wackypedia (Not sure of the history of this; Illogicopedia moved from a non-Wikia host to Wikia, then moved to one of Uncyclopedia's servers. It's now hosted by the folks. All new content created after the move is under a non-commercial licence. "Wackypedia" was a wiki which was merely a rename of the wikia project that Illogicopedia abandoned during the move - but which Wikia at the time refused to delete. The rename only happened because Illogicopedia had the prior use of the name and demanded Wikia stop using it. Odd that they reversed that position to finally shut this down entirely?)



  • YouTube Logos - Closed many times on Wikia for unknown reasons, now exists on ShoutWiki.


  • Zeldapedia was closed and archived, when Wikia fulfilled their long awaited dream to get their hands on ZeldaWiki after buying Gamepedia. To avoid possible conflicts from users, they closed Zeldapedia for staff only and any regular user is unable to edit any page.