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My name is Dan the Hedgehog, and I am a proud administrator of:

Sickapedia, the encyclopedia for n00bs

a proud member of:

Illogicopedia - The nonsensical encyclopedia that anyone can mess up

the Anti-W[k]a Alliance

and also hate the new Wikia skin, also known as Oasis.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I founded my wiki Sickapedia on Wikia in January 2010. However, I was maddened that Monobook couldn't be the default skin for Sickapedia, so what did I do? I customized Monaco so it could look as much like Monobook as possible.

So everything was good, right? Suddenly, Oasis came out. IT SUCKED!!! But then they forced it on me. And if that wasn't enough, I wasn't allowed to use Monaco. So what did I do? I moved my wiki Sickapedia from Wikia to ShoutWiki sometime in December 2010.

Now the only time I use Wikia is if I'm looking up an episode on Memory Alpha or if I'm on Uncyclopedia. Thanks, Wikia!

Space! Wait, whut?! 20:30, 27 December 2010 (UTC)