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My rant on Fandom[edit]

This is a vent post.

Recently, Fandom redirected “USA Logos and More Fanon Wiki” (the subdomain was “usa-logos-more-fanon”), a wiki I was an admin on, to a non-fanon wiki (Logopedia) without notifying me or the other admins, or giving any notice in advance. All the content on that wiki is now lost media, except for only 1 page that the WayBack Machine saved.

I realized something because of this: DO NOT USE FANDOM FOR YOUR WIKI HOSTING. There are better alternatives available, that don’t redirect your wikis and destroy your work, some examples being Miraheze and ShoutWiki.

If you absolutely MUST use Fandom, then request database dumps from Special:Statistics at the start of each month. They don’t include images, but you never know when you might need these dumps. The dumps can easily be imported to a Miraheze, ShoutWiki, or (if you ABSOLUTELY MUST) another Fandom site using Special:Import, if the worst happens, and your wiki gets redirected or deleted.

This is KMF, signing off.

Old comparison[edit]

  Wikia Shoutwiki Referata Miraheze Perfect wikifarm
Latest Mediawiki version No Sometimes No ??? Yes
Create your own wiki Yes Yes Yes No (overcomplex request process) Yes
Limit on number of wikis you can create No Yes (5-wiki limit) No No No
Single-user login Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Multiple skins available No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can change your wiki's default skin No During wiki creation process Yes No Yes
Ads Yes Yes You have to pay to put ads on your wiki (weird) No No (by default; wiki founders can put their own ads up)
Wiki customization Limited by "customization policy" Some Some Some Unlimited
LocalSettings customization No No No Some Yes
Can change your wiki's default language During wiki creation process During wiki creation process Yes During wiki request process Yes
Install extensions or skins yourself No No No Some Yes
Inactive wikis get deleted No No No Yes No
Actually exists Yes Yes Yes Yes No