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Help:Examples of customized Monaco skins

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Customizing Monaco
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Specific Skins

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Those are examples of customized Monaco skins from wikis. Details can be found at Help:Customizing Monaco.

To borrow a technique from one of these wikis, copy the relevant section of CSS from their style sheet into yours and adjust as necessary. While code may be freely borrowed, please do not use images from other wikis for background, bullets or other graphic elements unless you have discussed it with the designers -- substitute your own images into the code instead. The point of customization is to look different from other wikis, and it is impolite to borrow another wiki's signature design without permission.

Age of Conan Wiki[edit]

Age of Conan Wiki

Dark theme, white text on dark backgrounds (previously an earth brown theme).

Avatar Wiki (The Last Airbender)[edit]

Avatar Wiki

Darker theme with white page backgrounds based around blue, the predominant color of the upcoming film adaptation of the series. The wiki is unique in that it uses three completely different skins, utilizing four different sets of CSS, one for each skin and one more for the main page. An orange theme is used for articles relating to the original series, and a theme of blacks and whites is used for fanon and fan fiction articles.

Children's Books Wiki[edit]

Children's Books Wiki

Basically the Jade theme, with the Monaco sidebar green with white text.

Creative Writing Wiki[edit]

Creative Writing Wiki

A lot of tweaks to transform Monaco into the style of a book.

DC Animated Universe (DCAU)[edit]


Ocean blue skin, with rounded corners. Customized banner area.

Dead Frontier Wiki[edit]

Dead Frontier Wiki

This wiki features a heavily modified black & red based skin with a large banner, a unique navigation menu, and various other interesting effects.

D'jinni Wiki[edit]

D'jinni Wiki

Dark skin (white text on blue-grey bg), though still fairly light. Heavily customized banner area.

Duty & Valour[edit]

Duty & Valour

Olive green headers and menus (black text on various different shades of olive backgrounds) with rounded corners — Canadian pattern camouflage theme. Heavily customized side bar, widget, header and other areas.

The Emperor's New Wiki[edit]

The Emperor's New Wiki

Emperor's New Groove customized theme, with yellow buttons, orange/gold links, blue font, customized background and semi-transparent pages.

EQ2i (EverQuest 2 wiki)[edit]


Customized version of Monaco Sapphire with reduced spacing and more curves.

FFXIclopedia (Final Fantasy XI wiki)[edit]


Light blue skin with customized header area.

The Hardy Boys Wiki[edit]

The Hardy Boys Wiki

Based on The Hardy Boys book covers - bright blue, white, and black.

Harry Potter Wiki[edit]

Harry Potter Wiki

Two toned blue-green skin with customized header area, designed to reflect the color scheme used in the recent Harry Potter film series.

Homeworld Wiki (Encyclopedia Hiigara)[edit]

Homeworld Wiki

Heavily customized space-age tech theme. Adds half-transparent backgrounds, logo removed, "request a wiki" relocated, fully customized menu, reworked Recent Changes and many, many other mods.

Jimmy Fincher Wiki[edit]

Jimmy Fincher Wiki

Dark purple and gray skin.

MS Paint Adventures Wiki[edit]

Outdated image of MS Paint Adventures Wiki article on Dave Strider

Custom edit bar, text-transformed links and headers. Mid to light grey color scheme. Aliased Wikia logo.

ParagonWiki (City of Heroes/Villains wiki)[edit]


Light skin, with dark blue highlights.

Phineas and Ferb Wiki[edit]

Phineas and Ferb Wiki

Custom Phineas and Ferb themed skin. Beige skin, orange links, red and yellow backdrops, and special gray background.

Regnumpedia (Es.Regnum Wiki)[edit]


Dark skin (white text on blue-grey bg), though still fairly light. Heavily customized banner area.

the Software Wiki[edit]

Software Wiki

Dark/green, "Carbon"-based skin with a lot of rounded corners and box-shadows.

Too Human Database (Too Human wiki)[edit]

Too Human Database

Dark skin, black and blue backgrounds with white text.

WikiNarnia (The Chronicles of Narnia Wiki)[edit]


Customized header and sidebar colors, Heavily customized banner, custom parchment background for pages, navigation, and widgets.

Wookieepedia (Star Wars wiki)[edit]


Star Wars influenced design - light blues and black highlights.

Worldwide Trams Wiki (Trams wiki)[edit]

Worldwide Trams Wiki Database

Light blue skin.



Dark gray theme - text is off-white on grey. Useful for those who switch in and out of game, as the colours are not blinding after a session in a dark dungeon.

WyMUN Wiki[edit]

Wycliffe Model United Nations Wiki Main Page

Mostly white pages with a few particular shades of purple for highlights. United Nations themed accents frame the pages for wider monitors. Pictures of country's flags lend more color to the page.

Zeldapedia (The Legend of Zelda wiki)[edit]


Greenish / gold skin.