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Do you miss the Monaco skin?
All ShoutWiki wikis can now have the Monaco skin, see this announcement. You can also add the Monaco skin to your wiki in 10 minutes (Detailed instructions) (Discussion and questions)

Below are the differences between Wikia and ShoutWiki and detailed instructions on how to leave Wikia for ShoutWiki.

Differences between Wikia and ShoutWiki[edit | edit source]

See also: Help § Instructions to leave Wikia for ShoutWiki.
Feature ShoutWiki Wikia
Choice of skin ShoutWiki allows users to choose the following skins: Aurora, Cologne Blue, Monaco, Monobook, Modern, Nimbus, Truglass, Vector Wikias are forced to use FandomDesktop, the current Wikia skin.
Leaving the wiki States informally that they will delete the wiki on communities' request[1] Refuses to delete the wiki on request, staff will block and desysop editors who advertise the new website.
Dan Castellaneta - Wikisimpsons, the Simpsons Wiki 1291428227401.jpg

2 locations: Google text ad on right of screen and small ad below toolbar.

Dan Castellaneta - Simpsons Wiki 1291425461898.png

10 locations:

  1. Banner ad at the top
  2. video ad which takes up over 25% of the screen width, in the sidebar
  3. side vertical ad below site's pictures and Wikia spotlights
  4. 2 video ads at the bottom
  5. advertising other wikias at the top (links in entertainment, gaming, lifestyle)
  6. advertising other wikias on side (Wikia spotlights)
  7. advertising other wikias on bottom. (Wikia spotlights)
  8. Advertisements on green links randomly placed in the article
  9. A slider ad (the same placed over the recent activity module) when you scroll down the page. (see wikia:w:c:community:User blog:Ciencia Al Poder-fduser/December update - New ad formats for your visitors)
  10. Ad after clicking an external link
Ad free hosting Ad free hosting available, information available after contacting ShoutWiki Staff[2] No longer available as of August 7, 2015[3]
Load times 3.57 seconds to load page[4]

3.43 seconds to load page[4]

Extensions Further information: Wikia v ShoutWiki/extensions Further information: Wikia v ShoutWiki/extensions
BlogArticles[5] No[6] Yes
Forum Yes[6] Yes
Achievements No[6] Yes
Poll (Ajax poll) Yes Yes
ShoutBox Yes No
Rich Text Editor No[1] Yes
Liquid Threads Possibly[7] No

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References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Ad-free hosting plan - ShoutWiki Hub
  3. Ad free wikis - Wikia Community Central[dead link] - "Wikia recently started offering ad-free wikis for $19.95 a month. Any wiki with less than 20,000 pageviews per month is eligible for this program." On November 24, 2010, the program was still ongoing (see Talk:Ad free wikis § Still ongoing?). On May 13, 2015, the outdated page was deleted by DaNASCAT.
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