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Comparison of wiki hosting services

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[1][edit | edit source]

Relevant html:

<span id="header_watchlist"><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist" title="The list of pages you are monitoring for changes [l]" accesskey="l">Watchlist</a></span>

<button id="headerButtonUser" class="header-button color1">More<img src="/w/skins/monaco/style/images/blank.gif" /></button>


					<button id="headerButtonUser" class="header-button color1"><?php echo trim(wfMsgHtml('moredotdotdot'), ' .') ?><img src="<?php $this->text('blankimg') ?>" /></button>


quotes internal wikia[edit | edit source]

Internal wikia for staff and contractors:

The majority of users on wowwiki use a larger monitor size than the rest of Wikia so we are testing out using a larger content space there. 70% of visitors on WoWWiki have screen resolutions of 1440px wide and higher (vs. 25% across all wikia) and WoWWiki is the only wiki in the top 20 that has less than 10% of its audience on 1024x768. Because of these figures we're adjusting the content space there. As we have mentioned, through this entire process we will be continuing to assess the choices we have made, and make tweaks as needed.

October 21 by Susan Taylor @wikia[edit | edit source]

==Response from Wikia==

Hey all, wanted to take a minute to reply to this thread and let you know where Wikia stands on some of the issues mentioned by Jax above this part of the thread, partly because we do genuinely care about what happens with this community and want to keep you and also because honestly the above presentation of the issue is very one-sided. Thus, I would like to list out some reasons why we feel (and would like) the community should seriously consider staying on Wikia, for balance and let you all make an informed decision:

  • Wikis cost a lot to host, a lot more than anyone surmises they will. On Wikia, you get the option to not see ads if you are logged in (which I doubt will be an option for a new wiki). Yes, ads are never a favorite of any community, but do seriously consider what you get in return: A very engaged community support team that responds to issues on your site rapidly and earnestly. Wikia staff read our talk page messages on all wikis and if you ever contact us with the Special:Contact link, we aim for a turn around reply time of 24 hours (and we match that 85-90% of the time).
  • Independant wikis move to Wikia once they get big, because they can't afford hosting and the original person paying wanders off or something. While some big wikis have left lately, many have joined Wikia (such as Lyric Wiki or Website Wiki) for this reason
  • The admins of this wiki do have a lot of control, a lot more than you often give yourself credit for. While our Terms of Use do indeed specify some things you can not do, the number of features and extensions we are willing to turn on or off based on community requests are enormous: . We've even scaled back some of the TOU requirements lately, allowing in-article font changes and picture attribution hiding, because we have been actively listening to communities about control. While a new wiki sounds like full control, this will likely limit what your wiki can add in terms of features versus ones you simply want to hide. (Again, most features - such as Category Galleries or Related Pages - can be hidden on a wiki by getting in contact with our staff). We are also working on a "dashboard" of sorts for admins to be able to test new features and opt-out of them that will be out in about a month or so.
  • I think this is one of the best designed wikis out there with a beautiful background. I can't change everyone's opinions about the new skin, but I think it has allowed for some improvements many people ignore when looking at what they feel are the negatives.

So Wikia will and does respect the opinion of this community. If you still think that forking is the right option, then we will be genuinely sad to see you go. I hope the time I have spent merely crafting this reply shows that we are passionate about keeping wikis happy and even though our decisions may not be always popular, we do genuinely care.

Also as a reminder, the community here may continue to operate even if a good part of the community does decide to fork. There are many fans out there that have a passion for Dead Rising and we want to make sure Wikia gives them the best possible wiki on the subject at hand.

Thanks for your time. --daNASCATShoutWiki Staff (Help Forum) (blog) 05:41, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

Hi guys, this is User:anno1404. I have watched this discussion from afar with interest, and I planned not to comment at all. But the wikia staff getting involved changed things. I am not going to go into much on whether this is a good or bad thing to move, that is for this community to decide.
The Purges
I want to give you a little background on how much the wikia staff, which owns the future of this site, cares about their veteran editors and the poisonous atmosphere they have created. If you have heard what I am about to say before, I apologize. Wikias are extremely fragmented which makes it difficult for non-staff to communicate, so many of you probably haven't heard all of this.
The largest wikia leaves wikia
Two days before the new oasis skin was coming out, Jimbo Wales stated proudly to a newspaper that "World of Warcraft is probably the biggest (wikia)"[2]
Around this time, almost all of the editors of this biggest Wikia left Wikia, this was despite a desperate staff member giving World of Warcraft exemptions to the skin.[3][4][5] Exceptions which the wikia staff refused to give to anyone else.[6]
The wikia staff then desysopped ten World of Warcraft administrators[7]
daNASCAT's purge
In all at least 38 administrators have been desysopped, at least 10 editors who spoke out about the skin, including me, have been banned.[8]
daNASCAT (the staff member above) himself was involved in one of the wikia purges. He desysoped eight Micronations wikia administrators, quote "Old Admin team has left; clearing way for new team."[9]
Oasis is not the last forced "improvement"
Oasis is not the last "improvement" nor is it the last skin. The "related pages and categories" boxes, introduced on November 30th with the same amount of scorn, is the latest change (although unlike oasis, communities can opt out of this).
Hard but worthwhile transition in the longterm
It is hard going out on your own. I think both Frank/Jax and I will be the first to acknowledge that it will take time to build up the site they way the community wants. I have spent dozens of hours to get the site where it is now, and there is still so much more to do. That said, it is liberating to know that the community I help build will be able to make all the decisions. If we as a community want to change anything, anything we can.
Here is a comprehensive list of pros and cons of leaving wikia, by one of the ten World of Warcraft desysopped administrators:[10]
Ask one of the 48 veteran editors
I probably will not be able to answer any questions or follow, because I will be indefinitely banned again, you can visit me at AWA though and we can chat or you can email me.
But if you have any doubt at all about how much daNASCAT and the staff care about editors and the will of the community, don't talk to me. Ask one of the 48 veteran editors, including the former admins of the largest wikia, whose wikia contributions total in the hundreds of thousands before all 48 were banned or desysopped, how much the Wikia staff really listened to their community's concerns.
Ask one of those eight admins of Micronations wikia how much daNASCAT cares about their community's opinion.[11]
Best wishes. Worthlesspaul 09:13, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

1) A very engaged community support team that responds to issues on your site rapidly and earnestly As long as you use mediawiki use can still ask for help on #mediawiki channel.

2) While our Terms of Use do indeed specify some things you can not do Just coincidentally, the ads are one of those "unmovable" things - you can`t move them on the article for whole wikia (not just for yourself). (Terms of Use: You further agree to: Not intentionally block, remove, or otherwise obstruct the proper functioning and view of advertisements,)

3) As long as you on wikia your wiki will use MW 1.15.5 which limits you in the extensions you can request to be installed.

4) So Wikia will and does respect the opinion of this community HOW DARE YOU TO LIE???? Staff have screwed the wikis!! No way you were listening to the complains: You have introduced th Oasis and made in mandatory for the wikias. You say you cared about the opnions? HELL NO! - hundreds of replies AGAINST the Oasis but you haven`t changed your opinion about whether to apply it. Now you dare say you have the respect? Shame on you! Cowards! AWAMember 17:56, 16 December 2010 (UTC)

all pages[edit | edit source]

All pages as of late November. To back up this wiki at Special:Export

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redirected Wikia Monaco help pages[edit | edit source]

Monaco help files which a wikia staff member redirected on wikia, also found here:

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Diannaa you are a tin pot dictator[edit | edit source]

Deleting my words does not change that fact. When I have the time I am going to create a wiki about you. A darker version of "Push it forward", because this is the only language that bullies, tin pot dictators like you understand. It will be about how your corrupt missionary zeal to stamp out copyright is actually high class trolling.

The Charms of Wikipedia - Nicholson Baker

Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

History will judge you and your ilk - including Jimmy Wales now - badly for what you collectively did to people like Aaron Swartz. Indeed, the tide is turning quickly against you, you are just to isolated in your house of cards, the 1000 cliquish admins and most elite editors, to see it.

Anno1405 (talk) 07:51, 12 October 2021 (UTC)

Full image of conversation:[edit | edit source]

article stub created:



The Anti-Wikia Alliance is a group created in response to Wikia changes to its skin to allow for more advertising.

== Notes==

Anno1405 (talk) 08:33, 12 October 2021 (UTC)