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As an editor with a registered user account, you gain access to many useful MediaWiki features:

User page[edit]

A blank user page is created for all registered accounts. Your username in page histories, recent changes, and signatures will be linked to this page, so people may click on these to find out more about you. You can describe as much or as little about yourself as you like (keeping privacy concerns in mind), describe your contributions, or keep a collection of useful links to wiki pages. Your user page is editable by others, just like any other page on the wiki.

Your user page will be located at [[User:Your Name]] on any Wikia you are working on. You can choose to create a separate user page on each Wikia you edit, or to redirect them all to a main user page on your favorite wiki or on the Central Wikia.

User talk page[edit]

You will also have a talk page at [[User talk:Your Name]] on each wiki. This is a place for other users to leave you messages. When a new edit is made to any of your talk pages, you will see a you have new messages banner when you visit any page on any Wikia. You can always reach your talk page on the current wiki by choosing "My talk" from the userbar at the top of the page.

User subpages[edit]

You can also create a limited number of user subpages. For example, you might want to keep a list of the links you find useful at [[User:Your Name/Links]]. Although this is in your namespace, this is not a private area, and is editable and viewable by any user. The wiki is not a private webspace provider, and content should be relevant to the Wikia at which you create the page. Misuse of the user namespace may lead to the deletion of your pages.


Logged-in users have the option of adding wiki pages to their watchlist. Each page has a "watch" link. You can go to Special:Watchlist by clicking "my watchlist" in the userbar. There you can view all recent changes to pages that you have chosen to watch.

You will have a different watchlist for every Wikia. It is not possible at this time to combine them.


Much of the look and functionality of a Wikia site can be personalized for you. Using the link "my preferences" in the userbar, you can change the overall look of the site, your time-zone preferences, search settings, and much more -- see Help:Preferences for details.

Your preferences apply to all Wikia. It is not possible to have different preferences on different wikis.


You can tailor the look and feel of the site even further by writing or copying CSS code into your personal stylesheet.

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