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Help:Title for the wiki

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Picking a wiki's title (also called the sitename) is an important part of starting a wiki, and can be helpful in its longterm success.

Where will the title appear[edit]

  • In the title bar of the browser window.
  • Displayed in the variable {{SITENAME}}, wherever it is used, which generally includes the first line of the sidebar.


  • Choose a title which will attract people to your wiki and explain to them what the wiki is about.
  • The title should be generic so that people can guess the name of the wiki, i.e. the URL of your wiki. For example, people might guess the URL of if they were looking for a wiki about music. Real words are therefore preferable to made up terms such as wikimusic or mymusicwiki.
  • The title can contain letters and numbers, but not spaces or punctuation. It cannot be the same as a language code. See Help:Languages for a list of these. For example, "en" is reserved to mean an English language Wikia, and cannot be used as the title for your wiki.
  • You should also make sure it describes the site well - i.e. rather than just "WoWWiki", which means little to many people, it helps to say "WoWWiki, the Warcraft wiki".
  • Your page rank is partly based on the title. So if you want your wiki to show up when people search for "charles dickens", then "Charles Dickens Wiki" is a better title than "Scroogepedia".

Project namespace[edit]

  • The title for the wiki will usually be used for the project namespace on your wiki. For example, if the title is "Doom Wiki", project pages would be located at Doom Wiki:Page title ("Project:Page title" is automatically renamed to that). For this reason, you should keep the title short but descriptive. If you really want the title and project namespace to be different from each other, please contact Wikia Staff after your wiki has been created, for the change.
  • The project namespace for your wiki will be displayed in the variable {{ns:project}}. For example, if you typed in {{ns:project}}, you would get Anti-Wikia Alliance.

How to change your wiki's title[edit]

A wiki's title can be changed, but the change must be done by Wikia Staff. You can use Special:contact to request a title change, and must be a wiki founder or admin with community support.

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