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Wikia will no longer install or support SMW.

Semantic MediaWiki is a powerful extension that helps users to search, organize, tag, browse, evaluate, and share a wiki's content. While traditional wikis contain only text which computers can neither understand nor evaluate, SMW adds semantic annotations that allow a wiki to function as a collaborative database.

Wikia can enable Semantic MediaWiki (and related extensions Semantic Forms and Semantic Drilldown) on request for wikis which have users on hand who know how to use it, or are willing to learn and provide support for others.

The extension is very flexible, which means that it has complicated aspects which take time to master. Wikia's Community Team cannot provide support on using it, but the wiki provides a manual, mailing list and chatroom for finding help. See also help on Semantic Search.

Where is it in use?[edit]

Here are some of the wikis where the Semantic extensions are currently in use:

  1. Age of Conan
  2. Animanga
  3. Anime
  4. Anime (Japanese)
  5. Ars curandi (Portuguese)
  6. Banjo
  7. BestBrute - MyBrute Wiki
  8. Bibliographie (German)
  9. Blogging
  10. Chaotic
  11. Cocktails
  12. Common Sense
  13. Discworld MUD
  14. Dooglegod
  15. Dungeons and Dragons
  16. The Elder Scrolls Fanon
  17. Eushully
  18. Fan Fic
  19. Genealogy - Familypedia
  20. Government Wiki - Giki
  21. Grand Theft Encyclopedia (Spanish)
  22. GuildWiki
  23. Guild Wars 2 Wiki (French)
  24. Istaria
  25. K-On!
  26. Magic: The Gathering
  27. Museums
  28. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  29. Naruto
  30. Negima!
  31. O2Jam
  32. Our Brant - local history wiki for the County of Brant
  33. PC - Computing Knowledgebase
  34. Pirates of the Burning Sea
  35. Psychology
  36. Ragnarok Online 2
  37. Railway Wiki (Japanese)
  38. Routes - WikiSara highway information
  39. Semantic Lyrics
  40. Software
  41. Software (German)
  42. Soul Eater
  43. SporeWiki
  44. SuperWikia - superhero roleplaying
  45. Warhammer Online
  46. The Webcomic Wiki
  47. Wikia Gaming
  48. The World Ends With You
  49. WoWWiki
  50. Yellowikis
  51. Yu-Gi-Oh
  52. Yu-Gi-Oh (Spanish)
  53. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker

It can also be tested on:

  1. SMW Test Wiki
  2. Sysop Test Wiki

See also:

  1. Sites outside Wikia (incomplete list on "Meta")

See also[edit]

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