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Conspiracy to Cancel UCP

From the group that combats the Wikia skin, the Anti-Wikia alliance.
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The Conspiracy to Cancel UCP, or CTCU for short, was a short-lived underground anti-UCP movement hosted on the now closed Speedy Grandma Wiki which discussed bad things about UCP and planned to stop the update. The organization later disbanded after MisterWoodhouse, one of the staff members, discovered their activity and told them that conspiring to delay UCP violated FANDOM's Terms of Use.

Known Members[edit]

  • ChipFan111 (founder)
  • Binturong7
  • Blubabluba9990
  • Nathan Pirate

Currently, there is not much record of the club's existence, since as mentioned above, the wiki that the club was hosted on, Speedy Grandma Wiki, is closed. Currently, the main proof of it's existence is this thread: ( backup)

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