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Why hello there! I am TigerBlazer, administrator of almost all of the Qualitipedia wiki and a key staff member there, as well as a very active contributor on Miraheze in general. I am also active on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Ultima Codex Wiki. I go by Pigsonthewing here, made at a time of me getting bored of any normal username. If you ever feel lonely, feel free to send a message to me on my talk page.

Why Am I Here?[edit]

I like to be adventurous, I join many other wikis and wiki farms to see what goes on there, and see if I can help out in any way. I mainly joined ShoutWiki for something to do if I ever get bored or want to help out other communities. Currently I have done nothing yet, as my work on QP is a much higher priority for me as a user.

About Me[edit]

Even since December 15, 2020, the day I created my Miraheze account, wiki editing and exploring became my biggest passion in life. I have joined numerous wiki networks and sites since that day, and edit at least one wiki every day, sometimes doing lots of edits or deletions in one day. Outside of wikis, I play video games a lot, mostly RPGs and FPS titles. I also watch movies in order to critique them for fun. Music is also a big passion of mine, as told by my username here. In real life I talk and hang with my friends and attempt to survive high school. I am also a furry, though not as involved as I would like to be. Currently in a relationship with a cute boy. My dream is to be either a game designer or a film and/or game critic.

Wiki Platforms Based On My Personal Preferences[edit]

  • Miraheze - My favorite one here, the staff is amazing, it is always updating and improving, lots of great wikis to chose from, and is just a chill place. I am a 100 times more active here than anywhere else.
  • ShoutWiki - I am rarely here, but I come by every so often to check up on some places. The staff doesn't seem to be active anymore but there are a lot of good people and wikis here. A great alternative to Miraheze
  • WikiDot - Also rarely go here, this place has some good wikis and users. Has a different engine which I like.
  • FANDOM - The absolute bottom on my list, it is the worst one out there, full of ads, bad staff, bad updates, and a stream of bad wikis that ruin the many good ones. I usually only go here for some light reading.

Contact Info[edit]

If you wanna talk to me outside of here, here are my contact links.

  • E-Mail:
  • Discord: TigerBlazer#4038
  • Miraheze: User:TigerBlazer (Best done on Awesome Games Wiki)
  • Reddit: u/FluffyManLoveyMan