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These are wikis that didn't move, but do have competing independent wikis.

Subject Wikia Wikia Articles Alternate wiki Alt Wiki Articles Differences
Digimon 6047 5000+ Digimon Wikia focuses on the dubs, while Wikimon focuses on the original Japanese series.
Zelda 4607 3791 Zelda Wikia/Zeldapedia doesn't seem to use references, while Zelda Wiki seems to be somewhat more orderly.
Sega 559 6472 Sega Wikia is dead as can be with a lot of content copied from Wikipedia, Sega Retro is active and has more original content.
Sonic 6977 4435 Sonic Retro focuses on the games and the hacking scene, while Sonic Wikia is more broad.
Heroes 469 5768 Heroes Wiki is partnered with NBC, Heroes' broadcasting network.
Marvel 111,329 5501 Marvel Universe wiki is owned by Marvel itself.
Pokémon 6330 23547 Pokémon Wikia seems to be a mess.