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"Here's a little gift from me to you, and especially for all haters of Wikia's new look. Thank you."
"I used to want to have Midnight there, but then Wikia made me realize that it wasn't very fun."
—Maria Muldaur on Oasis
"Big Brother Oasis is watching YOU! So take that, Monaco users!"

New Wikia (also known as Oasis or the skin of doom) is a color theme forced on everybody using Wikia as a host service for their wiki. Since it came out, many wikis have chosen to move. (And Illogicopedia thought Monaco was bad!)

The Death of Monaco[edit | edit source]

In The Wikia Bible, under Arnaments 2:10-2:, it read:

(2:10} And Sir Jimbo Wales looked up to the sky and said "Dear God, how may I bless this Wikia from being as forgotten as Myspace ever since Facebook came out?

(2:11) And the Lord did grin, and the Lord did say, "Your Monaco skin is not good enough for your Wikia. You will need a replacement; otherwise, it will become as forgotten as Nupedia when my creation Wikipedia came out.

(2:12) And Sir Jimbo Wales said "But my Lord, is Monaco not good enough? She has blessed this Wikia from being destroyed by its competitors!"

(2:13) And Monaco came out, and she was looking beautiful, more full than ever.

(2:14) But then, God, with His almighty hand, struck down Monaco, and threw her into the fire!

(2:15) And Sir Jimbo Wales said, "What have you done? What will become of Monaco?"

(2:16) And the Lord did say, "Forget about Monaco. She is dead. Now, behold my new creation, Oasis!

(2:17) And out of the flames came a creature so hideous, so gruesome, that even brave Sir Jimbo Wales looked away.

(2:18) And Sir Jimbo Wales did say, "What have you done? This could never make Wikia right!"

(2:19) Suddenly, the Oasis being did tackle Sir Jimbo Wales.

(2:20) When Sir Jimbo Wales stared into its eyes, he died. The Oasis being sucketh the life out of him, taking along his soul, his memories, and his being.

(2:21) Suddenly, the Oasis being stood up, and started transforming. After it was done, it had taken the form of Sir Jimbo Wales. And the Lord did smile.

(2:22) "Now," spoke the Lord, "you know what to do, Oasis."

(2:23) And Oasis laughed.

(2:24) "It will be my pleasure, master."

New crap features added to Oasis[edit | edit source]

“New Wikia is vastly superior to Monaco, because it has additional features which everybody likes, which are documented in the following list:

  • Smaller logo - When it comes to logos for websites these days, smaller = better, especially when you're trying to make your website look like Wordpress or Facebook, and Wikia is no exception. That's why, on New Wikia, we have replaced Wiki.png with Wiki-wordmark.png. For those of you who already created Wiki.png for Monaco, screw you, because Wiki-wordmark.png will look good in New Wikia because you must listen to what we say. And it must be really wide too.
  • Looks absolutely gorgeous - Monaco was truly horrendous, it was like we tried to bring Frankenstein alive and we succeeded good, but as they say, you need to move on. You can see the design in the right. Look how gorgeous it looks, you can clearly see that's A+++ design from Wikia.
  • It is mandatory - Who needs to see Monaco, who needs to see all of the long and hard work put into Monaco.css, when New Wikia can be what everybody sees? That's right, it is now mandatory, and everybody likes it, including your mom who I had sex with quite nicely thank you very much. You will use it, and you will like it because you must listen to what we say for we are the Wikia Empire. If you don't obey us, we will hunt you down and kill you limb from limb. But don't worry, we will give you time to adjust*.

Thank you and obey us!

—The Wikia Empire

*[edit | edit source]

You have one week to adjust. After that, you're on your own! MWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!