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Reasons why I hate Wikia

From the group that combats the Wikia skin, the Anti-Wikia alliance.

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  1. The users are ignorant scumbags who think they know everything when in reality they can barely tie their own shoes, let alone admin a site, plus most of them are jerks who won't listen to you especially when it comes to forking
  2. The skin is ugly and buggy
  3. Staff make money off your edits
  4. Message walls
  5. They won't delete wikis you've created

Ciencia Al Poder[edit]

  1. You can't customize the skin, all wikis have the same look
  2. There are lots, lots, LOTS of ads
  3. The site is slow as hell
  4. They won't delete wikis you've created
  5. Staff forces useless or damaging features to wikis even if community opposes
  6. Staff forces the use of Portable Infoboxes even if community opposes
  7. Staff gives lame responses when you ask technical questions
  8. None of the previous points (except not deleting the wiki) were true when I started editing


  1. They won´t let you advertise other Wiki websites.
  2. PKMNLivesNew
  3. The staff became SJWs.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. Its easy to edit


  1. Bascially, I don't why people in this wiki are complaining about the skin. But, there are bad things about FANDOM and I know it. It's not the skin, FANDOM actually became SJW themselves thanks to PKMNLivesNew.
  2. They'll block anyone who says the word, "SJW" on their Community Central platform. So, it's not safe to talk there, anymore.
    • Speaking of which, I was blocked for a third time (indefinite) for violating Terms of Use EVEN THOUGHT IT DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SJW AND IT'S BULLSHIT!!!
  3. Too many ads containing with SJW articles that are very idiotic.
  4. Where's the special pages tab?
  5. Mirahaze and maybe other MediaWikis websites are way better than FANDOM due to more control.
  6. Once again, I was blocked, forever, for a third time by saying the word, "SJW", which violates FANDOM's Term of Use even though it says nothing about the word, "SJW". I suspect that they blocked me for personal reasons.


  1. Too many ads.
  2. Many toxic users on the website.
  3. Ancient Software : They use Mediawiki 1.19 , 6 and 1/2 years old. That's the least of the problems.
  4. They block people for saying words that are not even inappropriate.
  5. Atrocious blogs : Most of them you would find on horrible websites like Buzzfeed. The game reviews are godawful too.
  6. They're extremely greedy. They bought Curse Media just for ad revenue and the Reception Wikis got closed down because of some "policy" which states that no negative or critical content cuz someone may sue them for ad revenue. That policy was made by an idiot.


  1. Some of the internet trolls don't get blocked at all.
  2. The term "SJW" is forbidden.
  3. Discussions and message walls in some wikis can be chaotic, yet toxic.
  4. People in some wikis don't respect opinions at all.
  5. It's still full of mean people, corrupted admins, and social justice agenda.
  6. It is more restrictive than Miraheze.
  7. You cannot change your email address.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. It is pretty easy to edit.
  2. Some of the good wikis.
  3. PKMNLivesNew has eventually got globally blocked on January 2019.
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