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Reasons why I hate Wikia

From the group that combats the Wikia skin, the Anti-Wikia alliance.
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  1. Ad revenue algorithm.
  2. Tons of bad wikis: For example.
    • Disney Wiki
    • Heroes Wiki (Hate even more than Villains wiki)
    • Villains Wiki (Has One of the most butthurt, idiotic, hypocritical, favoritist, and Biased Line ups of Users)
    • H2o Just Add Water Wiki
    • Cancelled Movies Wiki
    • Street Fighter Wiki
    • Fire Emblem Wiki
    • SuperMarioLogan Wiki
    • Flushed Away Wiki
    • H2o Just Add Water Wiki
    • PewDiePie Wiki
    • Pixar Wiki
    • WikiaTube
    • Spongebob Fanon Wiki
    • Call of Duty Wiki
  3. Hypocrisy, Stupidity, Bias, and Favoritism everywhere.
    • Examples of Bias are thinking "Pure Evil villains are automatically or always worst of all villains" and "Being Failure-Intolerant is automatically Villainous".
    • Example of Favoritism is towards Heroes especially on Heroes wiki.
    • Example of Hypocrisy is giving scorn to people for doing vandalism yet also doing vandalism.
    • Examples of Stupidity include Using the terms "Real-Life"/"Reality" and "Fiction" as term rivals instead of "Nonfiction" and "Fiction" and Thinking existing outside of fiction automatically means real.
  4. Excuse Making (EX:Truth, and Positivity)
  5. Corrupt and Lazy Staff.
  6. Tons of Opinion Disrespecting.
  7. Poorly Using words at Times (EX:Anger, Like, Bitter, Real, Redeemable/Redeemed/Reformed, Bad, Good, and Hate).
  8. Toxic article comments.
  9. Tons of Despicable, Scumbag, Selfish, and Disgusting Users (Especially the SJWs, the Supremacists, and the Aforementioned Corrupt + Lazy Admins).
    • Speaking of Which, an example of SJW is PKMNLivesNew (Who is thankfully blocked) did the infamous act of removing the reception wikis from FANDOM, Which caused the reception wikis to be moved to Miraheze (Not that the Miraheze versions of the reception wikis are good in execution nowadays (2018-Present) (Even if the users from them have gotten rid of and fixed certains of the wrongs and mistakes they have had) nor is Miraheze a good idea of a replacement/substitute (for the reception wikis) for FANDOM but still) instead of a different website that is Like Miraheze and Wikia.
  10. Also Speaking of which, They are allergic to Negativity (especially Criticism) and are over-reliant on Positivity which especially results in what is said on 8.2.
  11. Allowing any person under age 13.
  12. No longer allowing Good ways of freedom.


  1. Most of the users are ignorant, hypocritical jerks who'll ban you if you even look at them funny
  2. The skin is ugly and buggy
  3. Article comments
  4. Message walls

Ciencia Al Poder[edit]

  1. You can't customize the skin, all wikis have the same look
  2. There are lots, lots, LOTS of ads
  3. The site is slow as hell
  4. They won't delete wikis you've created
  5. Staff forces useless or damaging features to wikis even if community opposes
  6. Staff forces the use of Portable Infoboxes even if community opposes
  7. Staff gives lame responses when you ask technical questions
  8. None of the previous points (except not deleting the wiki) were true when I started editing


  1. They won´t let you advertise other Wiki websites.
  2. PKMNLivesNew
  3. The staff became SJWs.


  1. Bascially, I don't why people in this wiki are complaining about the skin. But, there are bad things about FANDOM and I know it. It's not the skin, FANDOM actually became SJW themselves thanks to PKMNLivesNew.
  2. They'll block anyone who says the word, "SJW" on their Community Central platform. So, it's not safe to talk there, anymore.
    • Speaking of which, I was blocked for a third time (indefinite) for violating Terms of Use EVEN THOUGHT IT DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SJW AND IT'S BULLSHIT!!!
  3. Too many ads containing with SJW articles that are very idiotic.
  4. Where's the special pages tab?
  5. Mirahaze and maybe other MediaWikis websites are way better than FANDOM due to more control.
  6. Once again, I was blocked, forever, for a third time by saying the word, "SJW", which violates FANDOM's Term of Use even though it says nothing about the word, "SJW". I suspect that they blocked me for personal reasons.


  1. Too many ads.
  2. Many toxic users on the website.
  3. Ancient Software: They use Mediawiki 1.19 , 6 and 1/2 years old. That's the least of the problems.
  4. They block people for saying words that are not even inappropriate.
  5. Atrocious blogs: Most of them you would find on horrible websites like Buzzfeed. The game reviews are godawful too.
  6. They're extremely greedy. They bought Curse Media just for ad revenue and the Reception Wikis got closed down because of some "policy" which states that no negative or critical content cuz someone may sue them for ad revenue. That policy was made by an idiot.


  1. Some of the internet trolls don't get blocked at all.
  2. The term "SJW" is forbidden.
  3. Discussions and message walls in some wikis can be chaotic, yet toxic.
  4. People in some wikis don't respect opinions at all.
  5. It's still full of mean people, corrupted admins, and social justice agenda.
  6. It is more restrictive than Miraheze.
  7. You cannot change your email address.


I still use it only on rare occasions, though I have stopped hosting the majority of my wikis there. These are my own reasons.

  1. I was (quite unfairly might I say) infamous for being the creator of the Thunder Series wiki which fell victim to vandalism and edit wars and deleted it for that reason. The wiki has since been moved to Shout Wiki with better protection measures in place.
  2. As an ex-editor of the Ginga Wiki, I am proud to be an ex-editor. The administrators had attacked me for simply having an opinion and for once having an ED article, the founder accused me of lying when I showed a screenshot of what one of the other administrators had done regarding my existence. Sadly, many other former editors will tell you that this kind of behavior is to be expected from them.
  3. I got mocked for making a wiki about "myself" even though I wasn't even mentioned anywhere in the wiki, it was a wiki about my story. Keep in mind many creators have made wikis about their own stories. I had since discovered that clowning on people for such a stupid reason is very common.
  4. Raids. So, so many raids.
  5. One of my favorite wikis was the Pokemon Essentials wiki which had gotten closed down by the Fandom staff in regards to Nintendo going crazy over the fact that they have fans supporting them and increasing their playerbase by making fan games. While the Essentials wiki has since moved to a new address, the response from Nintendo was very unprofessional. Fans only wanted to support them and all Nintendo did was drive them away.
  6. Depending on who the founder of a wiki may be or how well they can handle criticism, you can get banned for life from a wiki for no reason whatsoever. One example of this is the Five Nights at Wario's wiki.
  7. Encyclopedia Dramatica clones. Enough said!

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. It is pretty easy to edit.
  2. Some of the good wikis.
  3. PKMNLivesNew has eventually got globally blocked on January 2019.


  1. SocJus staff who delete anything that has “homophobic” or “transphobic” language even if used by antagonizing characters
  2. Founders who think they wholeheartedly entitled to everything.
  3. The founder and admins basically become figureheads.
  4. Deletion of Real Life Villains

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. Fellow admins learn from the past to improve
  2. Got a user blocked globally for poor conduct and insulting the dead aunt of a Twitter user.
  3. Sone good friends

Unorthodox-Seph (formerly Mayahzdog09/Hanjax70)[edit]

  1. It started going to shit after it rebranded to FANDOM. It was decent in 2012/2013ish when I joined.
  2. The community contains a bunch of toxic drama queens who start flame wars EVERY 5 MINUTES.
  3. They threw Trollpasta Wiki, Uncyclopedia, and Real Life Villains Wiki under the bus.
  4. It's basically forgotten what it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be a place for fan-made communities and stuff like that, but it's now basically a Buzzfeed wannabe. When you get to the homepage it's just a bunch of pop-culture shit and other stuff like that.
  5. The staff is corrupt and can't take criticism.
  6. UCP. I actually left before UCP became mandatory, but the UCP design looks so fucking ugly and I'm so glad I left before then.


  1. The new UCP update is horrible, as it impairs the editor and removes Chat, Forums, WikiActivity, and other things beloved by the userbase, among other things
  2. Whether it be the Monaco vs. Oasis controversy, the vs. controversy, or the Legacy vs. UCP controversy, one thing is for certain: FANDOM cares more about money than their community. I moved to Miraheze for that exact reason, because Miraheze is non-commercial and not-for-profit.
  3. FANDOM staff take forever to respond and are not very helpful. I tried to report that vandals were vandalizing my wiki, and they had bureaucrat powers (it’s a long story). Absolutely no help from staff whatsoever, and the wiki ended up being closed. They also constantly bombard users with the same reply: “Fill out a contact form”.
  4. FANDOM seems to hate any form of criticism, whether good or bad, which is why the Reception Wikis moved to Miraheze.
  5. The Community Central wiki is filled with FANDOM supremacists.
    • What is very interesting is that FANDOM staff actually recognizes the Anti-Wikia Alliance and has not, at least not to my knowledge, ever acted against the Anti-Wikia Alliance.
  6. Since I joined in 2019, I never got to see what FANDOM looked like with the Monaco skin. Since ShoutWiki uses it now, I must say it looks pretty darn cool and I can see why many users would miss it.
  7. Not only does FANDOM staff not listen to criticism, they also don’t give users a say in anything. The ToU even says, and I quote, “ The Company may terminate your account, delete your profile and any content or information that you have posted on the Services and/or prohibit you from using or accessing the Services for any reason, or no reason, at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice.” There was actually once a case in which a staff member was accused of power abuse, and the above quote was mentioned as a justification.
  8. FANDOM staff are extremely secretive. Whenever a user is globally blocked, they refuse to reveal any information about why they were globally blocked or even the length of the global block. They also removed the real name, gender, location, occupation, birthdate, and favorite wikis section on user mastheads, as even more proof of their obsession with privacy.
  9. FANDOM staff outright admitted to manipulating Google search results to further traffic to their website.
  10. FANDOM staff are hypocritical too. They close down wikis that they visit beforehand and deem do not warrant closure, they act like they only intervene with ToU violations but other times they have been known to de-sysop users, which has a whole page here. And all this after they claim to have “a free and open wiki hosting environment”
  11. They seem to think that messaging users counts as harassment.
  12. Recently I have noticed that FANDOM has been disabling accounts for no apparent reason, as they did not close their account because closing an account there takes 30 days. I also found no proof of any of those users admitting to being underage.
  13. They are extremely left-wing biased. They claim that wiki founders do not own their wikis, and seem to treat female users better than male users, which is probably why Peachy4872 got away scot-free despite all of the harassment she commited.
  14. Because FANDOM is a company, there are a ton of ads all over the place which completely restrict viewing. Every time I open a page when I am not logged in, I get annoying pop-ups everywhere. Also, these ads can sometimes be inappropriate, and just completely out of context for the page you are viewing. Also, sometimes the pop ups have this fake x button, which is SO annoying.
  15. FANDOM staff are extremely stubborn. Apparently, according to Nathan Pirate, I just learned that FANDOM staff could have brought back Legacy and that they just didn’t want to, and that if they went deep enough they could fix all of the problems with Legacy. But they were stubborn and instead decided to force us all onto a terrible update that completely broke the site.
  16. FANDOM sells merchandise. Yup you heard that right. They have an editor of the month contest or something, and winners get a hoodie or something idk.
  17. FANDOM isn’t even community-oriented, at least not anymore. The main page is just a bunch of pop culture news.
  18. A lot of bad wikis, to name a few:
    • Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (2019-present)
    • ScumBob Wiki (2020-present)
    • SpongeBob Fanon Wiki
    • CBeebies Wiki
    • Numberlemon Wiki
    • SuperMarioLogan Wiki
    • PewDiePie Wiki
    • Fire Emblem Wiki
    • Villains Wiki
    • Phonicfriends Wiki
    • Learningblocks Wiki
  19. The new FandomDesktop skin is awful. The screen is completely scrunched up, search is a pop-up, the user profile links are now on the bottom left, and to top it all off, since the create page button was removed and redlinks no longer exist, the only way to create a page is to go into the URL.
  20. FANDOM caused my downfall. Long story short, I was constantly harassed by a bunch of users for petty reasons like me overreacting, and vandalized my wiki. I don’t care what the cause is, vandalism is NEVER okay. Then I basically went mad.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality[edit]

  1. There are a few decent wikis like Disney Wiki, Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (2007-2019), and ScumBob Wiki (2018-2020), even though the latter two went downhill.

DuchessTheSponge (DuchessSponge5000)[edit]

  1. A lot of bad wikis such as Villains Wiki and Heroes Wiki being notable examples. Good FANDOM wikis these days are pretty rare nowadays.
  2. FANDOMDesktop and UCP are terrible skins with the desktop skin being the worst one out of all of them.
  3. They shut down good wikis for stupid reasons like Real Life Villains Wiki for example.
  4. They can't handle criticism whatsoever and would even lock your account if you try to criticize them.
  5. Too much ads everywhere and it can easily get annoying.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. It used to be good before 2018.
  2. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and the One Punch Man Wiki are still good.
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