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Conspiracy to Cancel UCP

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The Conspiracy to Cancel UCP, or CTCU for short, was a short-lived underground anti-UCP movement hosted on the now-defunct Speedy Grandma Wiki which discussed bad things about UCP and planned to stop the update. The organization later disbanded after MisterWoodhouse, one of the staff members, discovered their activity and told them that conspiring to delay UCP violated FANDOM's Terms of Use.

Known members[edit]

There were a total of 11-12 members before it got disbanded. At least 3 or 4 were founding members.

  • ChipFan111 (founder)
  • Blubabluba9990
  • Nathan Pirate (leader)


The movement started when the founder ChipFan111 created a post on the original Speedy Grandma Wiki that said to join an anti-UCP club. He meant the club just to simply hate on UCP and not necessarily to attempt to delay it. That changed when Nathan Pirate transformed the club into a full underground movement and renamed the movement to the CTCU. ChipFan111 just went along with it because he didn't know what to do but knew that the movement would fall one day. Nathan Pirate later asked ChipFan111 if he can be the leader, ChipFan111 said yes. Most members that joined soon after most likely joined because they weren't fully aware of how it was serious but simply joined due to hating UCP. However MisterWoodhouse found the main CTCU thread and gave a warning on how delaying the UCP was against the TOU. ChipFan111 immediately said how he wasn't actually trying to do that and that he will leave the organization. Others also left around the same time disbanding the movement

Currently, there is not much record of the club's existence, since as mentioned above, the wiki that the club was hosted on, Speedy Grandma Wiki, is closed. Currently, the main proof of it's existence is this thread: ( backup)

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